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Six Tips for Your Kitchen Which Will Make Cooking Easier and Better

You may enjoy cooking, but dealing with all of the cleaning and other chores in the kitchen can take away a lot of your time and the joy of cooking at some point. Thankfully there are some tips for kitchen maintenance which will make prepping and cooking easier and simpler, and will allow you to have time for other things as well.

  1. Choose the most appropriate knife. Make sure you pick a well-balanced and sharp knife, because it is more efficient and safe to use. Of course, keep in mind that different knives are suitable for cutting different foods, for slicing, chopping, dicing, etc. So, you should get several knives (two or three) depending on the most common foods you cook with and the most common cutting techniques you use in your kitchen. It is a good idea to invest in high quality chef’s knives because they will last and serve you for longer, if taken care of properly.
  2. Properly and timely sharpen your knives. Over time the blade will get uneven and dulled, so you need to make sure you sharpen your knives periodically. You can use a steel, a whetstone or a sharpener to sharpen your knives, or you can leave it to a professional to do it for you. As a quick fix you can sharpen the blade by rubbing it at the unpolished bottom of a ceramic mug or dish.
  3. Make sure your grill is clean. Burnt on carbon and food residue can harm your food, will make it taste bad, and will cause the grill to take more time and use more energy for cooking it. This is why you should clean it regularly. It is bets to clean it after it has cooled down right after using it. In case you have food stuck on it, you can slightly pre-heat the grill and rub the tarnished rods with onion halves. Make sure the grill is not too hot so that you don’t burn yourself.
  4. How to easily squeeze a lemon. If you don’t have a lemon squeezer or a juicer, you can use tongs to squeeze a lemon. Cut it in half and squeeze the handles of the tongs to get as much of the lemon juice exerted easily.
  5. An easy tip for cutting soft foods. Cake, cheese and other soft foods can easily and evenly cut with the use of dental floss. Use a strip of floss and use it as a knife to cut the soft food without making a mess.

If you know some other clever kitchen tips to make our lives easier – please share it with me.