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Esee 6 review

Finding a great survivalist knife can actually make the difference between life and death, if you are faced with a dangerous situation in the wild. This is why we have picked the Esee 6 knife as one excellent survivalist knife.

The Esee 6 is among the leaders in this class of survivalist knives. This knife comes in two variations – one with a plain edge and the other one with a serrated edge. The serrated one is great for cutting meat, but we will be taking a closer look at the plain edged version of this wonderful knife.


It has a cutting edge of 5.75 inches and an overall blade length of 6.5 inches. The length of the knife is 11.75 inches. The thickness is 1.56 inches. This classic high carbon 1095 steel knife does meet military standards. It is one of the top quality knives for hard use from the lower to mid-price range at the moment. It weighs 12 ounces.

Made by Randall’s Adventure and Training, the Esee 6 meets the state and federal law enforcement standards, and like all the other products by this company comes with a lifetime warranty.

The edge of this great knife is razor sharp and has a full flat grind as well as a drop point which makes it great for general safety and piercing objects. The blade is black which makes it look cool.

The Esee 6 is a full tang survivalist knife, which has a protruding metal end useful for hammering.

The handle is from easily removable linen Micarta, which gives an excellent grip even in rainy and wet conditions. It can be replaced with another styled handle.

The sheath is made from brown polymer and features a comfortable and reliable belt clip. The sheath has a drainage port as well as holes for cord storage. The mechanism for keeping the friction by the handle of the knife ensures that the knife stays safely inside and doesn’t accidentally slip out.

The Esee 6 comes with a belt clip, a paracord, mountain hardware and a cord lock.

Overall, this is a reliable and durable knife which has been designed for military use, so it is no wonder that it is very suitable for survival and for self-defense.

The stable grip of the handle will allow you to safely be able to use it at all times, even in wet or critical situations, this knife won’t slip. It is made for all kind of had use, because of the high quality 1095 carbon steel it is made of and the full tang structure. The razor sharp blade is also excellent.

The Esee 6 is made in America and is field tested for reliability. Like all of its knives and products, ESEE field tests the prototypes for all new knives, as well as the first actual produced knives. The first knives are used in Amazon jungle survival classes in order to test them right on the field. Then they are given to various users worldwide for additional testing and feedback before being released to the market. So in the end after all the testing, feedback and possible corrections, ESEE makes sure that the knife is “designed” by the users themselves and can serve its main purpose – to be an excellent and reliable survivalist knife. The same goes for the ESEE 6 knife.

The ESEE 6 is available online at a great price for the quality offered. It comes with a lifetime guarantee, so it is quite a good investment because even if it gets damaged, you will receive a free repair, so it can actually last you a lifetime and more.

We highly recommend this particular knife as a suitable survivalist knife, which will serve you well in critical situations, and can actually save you when you are out in the wild facing a dangerous animal or other dangers

Leatherman Surge vs Wave vs Charge vs Skeletool Multitool

Leatherman Surge vs Wave

Leatherman are the pioneers of multitools, but when it comes to picking one of their products, the choice can become difficult. The question you need to ask yourself is – which tools do you really need, what exactly you will be using this multitool for, and will you be carrying it around in your pocket or rather in a toolbox?

The choice between the Leatherman Surge and Wave multitools is not an easy one.

The Surge is definitely the more popular model of the two, but then the Wave is more affordable than the Surge. Both have 25 year warranties. The Surge has 23 tools, which is 6 more than the Wave, which features 17. The extra tools in the Surge, include: an electrical crimper, an awl with a thread loop and a blade exchanger

The difference in the weight of the two is a crucial factor. If you are looking for a lightweight multitool to carry around in your pocket, the Wave weighs 5.6 ounces and is 4x1x1 inches when closed. The Surge weighs 1 pound and is 4.5x2x1 closed. so, if you are looking for a lighter multitool, the Wave is definitely a better pick. The Surge is a more solid multitool with more tools and added stability.

Leatherman Surge vs Charge

Leatherman Surge has 21 tools and costs less than 100$, and the Charge TTI has 19 tools and costs around 170$

The Charge has a knife made with a powder-made S30V stainless steel which has exceptional corrosion resistance created especially for knives. The S30V blades hold an edge approximately six times longer than the 420 stainless steel of the blade of the knife of the Surge multitool.

The Surge weighs 1 pound and is 4.5 x 2 x 1 when closed while the Charge is only 8.89 oz. and is 4 inches when closed. The blade length of the Surge is 3.1 inches which is bigger than the 2.9 inch blade of the Charge. Another difference is that the Charge has titanium handle scales, which makes the tool lighter and more corrosion resistant.

Leatherman Wave vs Charge

the Leatherman Wave and Charge are similar multitools. Charge comes in 2 versions – the ALX and TTI. The TTI is definitely the most desired multitool due to the titanium handle scales and the S30V main blade. The Charge ALX is the most aggressive multitool, but among the multitool fans, the top rated of the 3 is the Wave. The Wave has 17 tools, the Charge ALX has 18, and the Charge TTI has 19.

The Wave is compact and light, so it can easily be carried around in your pocket, and it can be easily used and opened with one hand. The Wave is the cheapest. The TTI has the best and strongest, anti-corrosive main blade and is titanium, which makes it the most expensive one.

The Charge ALX has handles made of T6 aluminum which is used for aircrafts. It is stronger than the other too multitools with plyers that are the strongest on the market. This one is light because aluminum is lighter than titanium, but it costs less too.

Leatherman Super Tool vs Wave

the Leatherman Wave is the most popular multitool from the Leatherman production line, but the Supertool 300 is an award winning model too. It has the strongest plyers, which can be used in very tight spaces. The Supertool has 19 tools, and the Wave has 17. The weight of the Supertool is 9.6 oz. and it is 4.5 inches long when closed. The main blade is made of 420HC stainless steel and is 3.2 inches long. The Wave also has a 420HC blade which is 4 inches long. The Wave is definitely lighter and smaller. It weighs 8.5 oz. and is 4 inches long when closed. Overall, the Supertool is much more robust, and has very strong plyers and an awl. The Wave has the advantage of having great scissors, and the outside opening of the tools which allows for easy one-handed use.

Leatherman Skeletool vs Wave

The Skeletool is a much smaller multitool produced by Leatherman than the Wave. It has only 7 tools, including: a combo knife with a 2.6 inch blade, needle nose and regular plyers, hard wire cutters, wire cutters, a carabiner and bottle opener, and a large bit driver. This allows it to weigh only 5 oz. The Wave has 17 tools and weighs 8.5 oz. If you need a very simple and light multitool, then the Skeletool is the one for you. It costs less, weighs less, but also offers less functionality.

Does Titanium Rust, Corrode or Tarnish?


Does titanium rust or corrode?

Corrosion is the process of degradation which happens to metals and alloys as a result of influence from the environment, such as water. In some metals and alloys, only a very thin oxide level occurs which prevents the material to further corrode. One such case is Aluminum.

Does titanium corrode in saltwater?

I theory, pure titanium is absolutely resistant to corrosion in sea water. There have been experiments made, in which various items and samples of titanium were placed in the sea for 3 years, and the result was – no change at all. The resistance to corrosion is because of the formation of a very thin TiO2 film on the surface of titanium. This oxide film is often used in paints. It is resistant to various liquids which contain chlorine including sea water. Pure titanium is resistant to many corrosive gases, acids, alkalis as well as liquids, including salt water.

The thing is that titanium is rarely to be found in its pure form. If you have a titanium object you most likely own a titanium alloy object (something such as an outdoor survival knife for example) – thus it is made out of several metals. Usually, titanium is used for products which need to be light and yet strong, but some titanium alloys may corrode in sea water due to the other metals they contain.

Does titanium tarnish?

Yes, even though titanium is a very durable metal which requires very little maintenance, it can tarnish and get scratched after a lot of use, wear and tear. Thankfully, you can clean and polish titanium objects with an easy home-made DIY solution.

Fill a bowl big enough to fit your titanium object with warm water and add some dishwashing liquid soap, Windex, or a jewelry cleaning solution. Let it soak for about 5 minutes. Rinse it thoroughly afterwards to remove all residue from the cleaning detergent. Then dry it with a soft, dry cloth. However, if your titanium object is colored, refrain from polishing or rubbing it, as you can actually rub off the color itself.

There are special titanium cleaning products available, as well as other ammonia based detergents such as Windex which you can use, but stay away from bleach and chlorine based products.

If your titanium object is scratched, you can try removing the scratches with special metal cream polish which is available in certain stores. The cream removes oxidation and tarnishes, and can be used for polishing your object.

After you are done with the polishing cream, rinse it off with some mild soap and then pure water, and then dry thoroughly.

Swiss Army Knife vs Leatherman vs Victorinox vs SOG Multitools


Leatherman vs Swiss army knife

Whether to choose a Leatherman multitool or a Swiss army knife, depends on what you have in mind for this instrument – are you going to use it for your everyday job, or for occasional use when going hunting, hiking or for other purposes. Naturally, you need to think about the tools which you need, and those which you almost never use.

The Victorinox Swiss army knife is probably the most popular multitool in the world, with its history of more than 130 years. It comes in various sizes and combinations of tools. The standard one has 2 blades (large and small), can and bottle openers, scissors, screwdriver bits, wood and metal saws and file, corkscrew, hook, tweezers, toothpick, wood chisel and a reamer with sewing eye.

The standard Leatherman multitool has: plyers which are spring loaded, one large blade plus a serrated blade, the wood and metal saws and file, scissors, screwdrivers, reamer, chisel, hard wire cutter, crate opener, can opener, ruler, lanyard hole, wire crimper, bender, stripper, lock release and built in firesteel.

The advantage of the Leatherman is the plyers, which the majority of Swiss army knives lack. Also, on average the blade of the Swiss army knife is much smaller than the main blade of Leatherman’s multitools, so it seems that Leatherman is a better choice than the Swiss Army knife as far as functionality is concerned. On the other hand, the knives are much lighter and compact than the multitools.

Leatherman vs Victorinox

Victorinox is probably the most popular pocket knife-multitool manufacturer in the world. Everybody knows what a Swiss army knife is. Victorinox was first established in 1884 by Carl Elsner. In 1897, the first Swiss army knife was patented. Later on, the company was named Victorinox in the name of the owner’s mother Victoria, and Inox – the term for stainless steel. Today, the company is managed by the 4th generation of the Elsner family and has a wide selection of various products, including: cutlery, watches, travel gear, apparel, fragrances, apart from the wide variety of Swiss army knives.

Leatherman is a pioneer in the production of pure multitools. It was established in 1983 – a century later than Victorinox in Portland, Oregon. Today, the company has grown, and its products include: multi-tools, pockettools, knives and various accessories for them. Leatherman offers a lifetime warranty for its products.

Leatherman vs SOG

Both Leatherman and SOG are well-known, established names in the specialized knife and multi-tool industry, and they both were established in about the same time in the 1980’s. While the multitool first made by Tim Leatherman was inspired by a boy scout knife, but with plyers, the first SOG was inspired by a US Special Ops combat knife. Today, SOG is the top choice for US Navy Seals. As for the multitools of these two producers, the popular Leatherman Wave and the well-known SOG PowerLock are similar and yet have their difference. The Wave has 17 tools and the PowerLock has 18. The SOG is cheaper than the Leatherman multitool. They are both made of stainless steel but the SOG weighs 9.6 oz. and is 4.6 inches closed while the Wave is only 8.5 oz. and 4 inches long when closed.

The Leatherman Wave is more suitable for people who are looking for a compact pocket knife but with extra tools, while the PowerLock is more suitable for actual professional handymen, electricians and others.

The Wave has a benefit of having an accessible knife blade which can be opened with one hand without opening the entire multitool.

Leatherman super tool 300 (original) review

This original Leatherman Super Tool Original 300 is an award winner for Best Multitool, and is perfect for anybody who wants and uses multitools. It features strong large plyers which can be used in tight places due to the handle design. The multitool has three removable wire cutters: stranded, regular and hard. They can be taken off and repaired and sharpened at any time. This stainless steel multitool actually consists of a whole 19 strong and sturdy useful tools, including:


  1. Needle nose Pliers which are the strongest ever included in a Leatherman super tool, which are great for holding and moving objects in tight spaces.
  2. Regular Pliers – regular plyers for pinching, holding and manipulating items.
  3. 154CM Replaceable Wire Cutters – for light gauge wires.
  4. 154CM Replaceable Hard-wire Cutters – for hard wire.
  5. Stranded-wire Cutters – for cutting regular, normal wire.
  6. Electrical Crimper for crimping of electrical connectors
  7. Wire Stripper – for easy and safe stripping of all kinds of wires
  8. 420HC Knife- from high carbon stainless steel
  9. 420HC Serrated Knife- made from high carbon stainless steel, perfect for cutting ropes, fibers or others.
  10. Saw – it is made of 420HC stainless steel, made with open teeth, so no material gets stuck into them during the sawing. Very durable.
  11. Awl with Thread Loop – used for making or enlarging existing holes in leather and canvas. The thread loop can be used when something needs to be sewed together.
  12. Ruler (9 in | 22 cm) – a precise ruler which gives exact measures in centimeters or inches.
  13. Can Opener – great for camping and outdoor activities, this opener has protective features as it pushes the sharp edges of the opened can inside the rim to keep you from cutting yourself.
  14. Bottle Opener
  15. Wood/Metal File – made of 420 HC stainless steel, with a crisscross pattern which allows for the tool to be used to smooth wood and metal surfaces.
  16. Phillips Screwdriver
  17. Large Screwdriver
  18. Medium Screwdriver
  19. Small Screwdriver

The size of this multitool is very comfortable and small enough so you can keep it in your pocket while working, camping or in any other case. It has a closed length of 4.5 inches, a weight of 9.6 oz. The main blade’s length is 3.2 inches.

If you want, you can get the SuperTool 300 in black – treated with black oxide coating which removes glare and reflection, widely used in the military.

Leatherman gives a 25 year guarantee for all of its tools and multitools, so you can be sure that you are making a good investment if you decide to buy this useful, sturdy and yet compact multitool.

DMT WM8EF DuoSharp Sharpening stone Review

For a sharpening stone that will never let you down, go for DMT WM8EF DuoSharp

This DuoSharp Bench Stone knife sharpener offers excellent and fast sharpening of a variety of knives and edge types, as well as some small tools as well.


The sharpener features two diamond fines which ensure much faster sharpening than when using conventional sharpening stones. The knife sharpener provides two-step sharpening – the first with a fine diamond for razor sharp sharpening of blades and the second – an extra-fine for polishing and refining the knife’s edge.

The actual sharpening is done either with water or dry. No oil is required, which means that the sharpening is fast and doesn’t create a mess.

This sharpening bench is of very high quality and is sturdy and durable enough to last for years and sharpen your knives for a long time.

The producer of this great sharpener claims that the diamonds sharpening tools can remove metal and sharpen a blade 10 times faster than conventional stone sharpeners, and we tend to believe him.


Once you find the right angle, it is very easy to use. Very little pressure or effort is required for the sharpening.

A dull knife or other tool will be perfectly sharpened for no more than 3 minutes, and a refreshing sharpening of an already sharp blade will take about a minute. So, this bench stone allows for fast and efficient sharpening. It has a stable base which keeps the diamond fines in place during the sharpening process. Plus, the base has rubber feet for added stability and support during the sharpening process.

This wonderful product comes with an unconditional warrantee, so if there is a defect or problem in yours, it will be replaced free of charge.


It is costlier than the conventional sharpening benches, but given the quality, the ease of use and the fast and highly efficient sharpening it offers, it is definitely an investment worthwhile.

You can be sure that you will be using this sharpening bench for years to come, and it will never let you down.

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Gerber 31 001901 Grylls Ultimate Survival Knife Review

High quality materials and great design are the key features of the Ultimate Survival Knife by  Gerber

Size: The overall length of this survival knife is 10 inches, including the 4.8 inch blade. It is well balanced, and just the right length for a good and reliable survival knife which you can carry around easily, and use efficiently and safely at all times.

Blade: The blade is full tang, made of 9Cr19Mov high carbon stainless steel, which makes it tougher and allows it to hold a better edge than most other survival knifes out there. The full tang construction ensures that you will have a very reliable, robust and strong knife available for any sorts of situations and needs. This construction is especially useful if you plan to use your knife for a lot of batoning, because of the added strength and stability the full tang adds to it.
Overall, the 4.8 inch fine edge blade is dependable and will maintain its sharpness and strength even after significant use and abuse.

Handle and weight:

At 13.7 ounces, this knife is heavier than expected, which gives it a solid feel and allows for a better grip for safe and efficient use at all times. The heftiness of this knife makes it feel more reliable, especially if you are looking for a survival knife to keep you alive and well when out in the wild. The handle is large enough, rubberized and textured to ensure a great grip, for a safer and more efficient use.


The design and make of the sheath is quite nice. It is made of plastic and rubber but yet it looks solid enough and definitely doesn’t look cheap. It has a great locking device, which makes the accidental slipping out of the knife virtually impossible. So, overall it is a reliable sheath which will keep your knife safely in place when not needed. Also, the sheath features an inbuilt sharpener to keep your blade sharp at all times, and help keep it sharp every time you pull your knife out. This excellent feature can be readjusted to work for left-handed users as well.

The sheath also has an extra fire starter rod and a hole for drainage of the knife if you are carrying the knife in wet conditions. The added whistle is a perfect touch for this great basic survival kit.


This knife, along with the sharpening sheath whistle, fire rod and the overall package is a perfect survival starter kit. The knife is very well built, sharp, strong and tough. It will no doubt endure many adventures and heavy use, and will remain an indispensable tool for your outdoor experiences.

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Choice Pronto Santoku Manual Sharpener Review

When looking for a top manual knife sharpener for Japanese knives, look for Choice Pronto Santoku Manual Sharpener


Created for fast and efficient sharpening of santoku and other Asian style knives with double bevels, this is the fastest manual knife sharpener, according to its producers. When we tried it out, it looks as though they are right. It is very fast, and can quickly sharpen a 15-degree edge in the style of Asian knives.

This manual sharpener has two stages, the first one is for quick and efficient sharpening of the blade and the other one for perfect honing and polishing. Both stages use diamond abrasives, which allows for the extremely fast and efficient sharpening resulting in razor sharp polished edges.

The wheels are very efficient for sharpening and polishing and yet are not so harsh on the blade, so it suitable for even the most expensive chef’s Asian style knives and will save the time and effort which many chef’s put into sending their knives back to the producer for sharpening every once in a while.


This nice tool is very easy and safe to use whether or not you are a experienced or not. Well made, it will last long and will sharpen and polish your blades for many years. Best of all, if you follow the instructions of the manufacturer closely and use this sharpener properly, it will rejuvenate your expensive Japanese knives without damaging them, scratching them or otherwise harming them.


This is definitely among the top manual knife sharpeners for Japanese knives. The good news is that the producer has an analogue product for German (European) knives as well, so if you are the proud owner of both types of knives, you can get a high-quality, fast and easy to use sharpener for both types of your favorite knives.

Overall, this is a great quality sharpening tool, with easy and fast performance and amazing end results, this manual sharpening tool for Asian style knives is definitely worth every cent.

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Gerber 22-41545 Black Diesel Multi-Plier Multi-tool Review

12 tools in a versatile multi-tool that is always at hand, it’s Gerber 22-41545 Black Diesel


The Gerber 22-01545 Diesel Black Needlenose Multi-Plier is a robust, high-quality and very useful multi-tool, which can help you fix just about any problem when you are on the road, working, camping, or actually anywhere indoors or outside.

This is a reliable and strong multi-tool, which will serve you well at all times.

It has a solid, partially serrated blade, a wire cutter, can and bottle opener, a file, scissors, a saw, cross point screwdriver, small, medium and large screwdrivers and of course very strong and efficient pliers as well as needle nose pliers for tighter spots. The pliers can easily open and be used with one hand only, which is what most people in search of the best multi-tool are looking for. In fact, it opens with a flick of the wrist, which makes it an extremely useful tool to have when out in the wilderness or performing chores at home or at your workplace.

The knife is sharp and strong, the saw is solid enough to saw wood or thick plastic, and the scissors are extremely useful as they are big, sharp and very efficient.

In fact, all the 12 tools included in this versatile multi-tool from Gerber can be put into use on a daily basis.


This multitool made by Gerber is strong and sturdy and yet all its tools fold up conveniently and safely, so you can carry it around everywhere with you. The included tools open with a snap and are easy and safe to use.

Even though it is a solid and robust, it weighs only 8.6 ounces and is 44.92 inches long when closed and 6.61 inches when open. This means that you can easily carry it with you – on your belt, in your backpack or keep it in your car, if you go on a lot of road trips and travels.


The design is beautiful. It is made of high-quality stainless steel with a non-reflective black finish. Overall, it looks and feels very high-end and well made. For your safety, it features a patented locking system for easy and safe locking in of the tools, and the effortless wrist flick deployment which we mentioned above.

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Gerber 31-002289 Grylls Parang Machete Review

This Ka-bar machete is simply awesome for tough outdoor tasks!

BLADE: The blade is angled and is perfect for clearing brush and hacking through branches and vines. It is made of robust carbon steel and is very easy to sharpen. The length of the blade is 13.5 inches, and the overall length of the machete is 19.5 inches. The machete weighs 19.4oz.

The construction of the machete is full tang, giving it an extra stability and adding to its strength and safety during use.

SIZE: This parang Bear Grylls machete from Gerber is a relatively light-weight and yet a very serious and efficient knife. It comes with a very sharp blade edge, and a well-sized handle covered with rubber texture which allows for a steady and safe grip at all times, even when wearing gloves or with sweaty hands.

This machete is of good quality and is offered at an amazingly good price at the moment of writing.

This parang style machete is great knife for a variety of uses such as hiking, camping, gardening, hunting, fishing or any other outdoor activities which require hacking through branches, weeds, bushes, clearing out green areas or cutting wood.

This machete has been designed, produced and tested by the manufacturer for maximum endurance and reliability, and made especially for the roughest and toughest conditions and use.


The handle is very comfortable and ergonomic, and offers an excellent and secure grip in all kinds of conditions. This is crucial for minimizing the risks of accidental slipping and hurting yourself or others while using it.


It comes with a lanyard cord and a nylon sheathe for extra safe use and secure carrying. Plus, the package includes a pocket guide for priorities of survival essentials from Bear Grylls and instructions for land to air rescue and SOS.


Overall, this tool is perfect for the jungle or for the wilderness. It is a strong and tough machete, which offers a secure and comfortable grip, and will easily cut a path for you even through the deepest bushes and vines. At a great price and with a handy sheath, this machete is definitely worth the money!

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