Welcome to the World of Knives

We’re so glad you’re here! We created this site as we wanted to share our knowledge and opinions, as well as aggregated rating of various knives. Years ago, we started a business selling diving gear. We had to test many different knives to find out which of them would suit the rigorous requirements of our clients. Above all else such a knife should be able to resist the harm of staying prolonged times underwater. Often this means under salt water. We had no other choice but gather advice from many experts. Then test the knives ourselves. It was hard. This research and testing took many hours. But we knew that our clients would appreciate having choice of various high quality knives at affordable prices.

Fast forward to this day. We finally decided that this information should no longer be kept private. That it should reach larger audience. This was the day the Perfect Blades was born. So, without further ado, let me show you what guides we have prepared for you as well as which are the best knives for sale now.


Guide to the best survival knife

First a selection of knives for your wilderness adventures. It is for you, if you love spending your time in the woods or in the desert; know how to survive and thrive on less resources; feel the rush of adrenaline every time someone mentions near death situations OR love to live at the edge, then this is the guide for you.


Guide to top pocket knife

The smaller, butterfly knives are for those of you who love to keep a handy knife in their pockets. Easy to reach. Ready to use. With you everywhere. Out in just split seconds, always at hand, small enough to be carried everywhere.


Ultimate how-to: Finding the best machete

We have machetes, too. For people that need longer blades for specific tasks. Wilderness adventures on steroids require serious gear. Check these out!


Best multi-tools on the market

Every once so often, a man needs a multitool. I am a minimalist and prefer to stick to the basics. However, I must admit that these clever creations are invaluable in many situations. Packed with the right features, they prove to be useful for handling various small tasks. Saving valuable minutes in situations when every second matters, these are real life-savers.


Guide to the best knife sharpeners

No knife guide would be complete without sharpeners. Nobody likes a dull blade, right? The knife should help its owner do his task quicker and easier. It is not meant to cause additional troubles. This guide would help you choose the right sharpener in the plethora of varieties, makes and models in the market.


Before we dive into the world of Nemo, we would show you how to choose few other types of knives.

MYTH BUSTED: Ultimate all Purpose knife

But first things first. Let me say loud and clear: there is no such thing as Ultimate All Purpose knife. You’ve got to know your needs and choose accordingly. Once upon a time we knew little about knives, their blades, sheaths and purposes. We were looking for knives with as many features as possible. We were after those that were feature-packed to the top. We couldn’t be more wrong. Having features for rare might-be situations seemed the logical choice, but it was not. We were missing one important thing. Would the user need all those awesome features? What is the benefit of a Rambo knife, if the it was left at home? What is the point of having the latest Porsche model, if you never drive it? You would just have another (expensive) garage furniture.

So, let’s go deeper into the world of knives. Choose in which type you are interested and we would show you the top knives for sale. We would also tell you why this particular model made our top list. Click on the links above and let’s start the adventure now!