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Common Uses of a Machete in America

The machete originally came from Latin America, but is becoming a hugely popular tool in North America and Europe as well. The machete has long been perceived by some as a weapon, and by others as an extremely useful multi-tool. Being a combination between being a knife and an axe, and the fact that it is lighter than an axe or hatchet means it can be carried around and handled more easily.

Actually, the machete can be used for performing a large number of different tasks very easily and successfully in your everyday life.


Top 10 everyday tasks to do with a machete:

One of the main uses for machetes for people who enjoy outdoor activities such as hunting, fishing, camping and others is for making paths, cleaning up terrains from bushes, thorns, vines and other plants which are in the way. In fact, it is a very useful tool for cutting and maintaining trails in the wild.

  • Cleaning bushes:
    A good machete is very convenient for clearing bushes in your garden or anywhere outdoors really, instead of using brush cutters or other tools which in many cases require more effort and time.
  • Chopping:
    If you make and use compost for your garden or farming, then the machete could come in handy for chopping up the larger pieces very effectively and quickly.
  • Harvesting crops:
    Also, for those who grow crops, the machetes, especially the sickle styled ones are perfect tools for harvesting some of them, such as corn, rye, sugar cane, barley and for agricultural needs as a whole.
  • Chopping animals food:
    For farming needs, you can use the machete for chopping up the fodder for your animals.
  • Cleaning grass and bushes from camping spaces:
    If you enjoy camping, you can use a machete not only to clear up your camping space, but to cut and chop up wood and sticks for your camp fire. Plus, it can be used instead of a big cooking knife to cut up and process nuts, fruits and any kind of food.
  • Weapon for defense:
    Also, when you are spending your time outside in the wild, the machete is definitely a great weapon for self-defense against wild animals or venomous snakes.
  • Foraging pray:
    In case you are a hunter, you can use the machete for easy foraging of your pray, in order to split it in smaller and easy to transport and manage parts. Actually, it is an excellent tool for butchering and processing other types of meat as well.
  • Gutting fish:
    For those who like to go fishing, the machete can effectively be used to clear out the fishing space and cut off any branches which could snag the fishing pole or line. It can be used for gutting the fish you catch too.
  • Removing small branches and plants:
    If you are into forestry, the machete is suitable for removing smaller branches from the lower tree trunk, removing underbrushes and invasive plants, and you can also use it to copping trees to promote the growth of shoots through the stump.
  • Shaving:
    As for some extreme uses of this wonderful tool – there are actually people who use a machete for shaving.
For whatever purpose you choose to use your machete, it is of crucial importance to know how to use it properly and safely, because from a universally useful multi-tool, it can easily turn into a very dangerous and even deadly weapon. In its core, it is a long sharp knife. Be very careful with it. Most importantly, always make sure that there is nobody around you before you take a swing with your machete, and know which part of it to use for the various tasks, and this will be the only tool you will need when you go outdoors, or for everyday tasks at home.