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Spyderco Tenacious Plain Edge Knife Review

Spyderco Tenacious Handle Folding is a great little tool that it always at hand in your outdoor activities


The Spyderco Tenacious handle folding plain edge knife is exactly as its name suggests – tenacious. It is a tough and worthy pocket knife, with a 3 3/8 inch 8CR13MOV blade and a G-10 scaled handle. The weight of this tool is 4 oz, so it is a mid-sized pocket knife. The handle has added steel liners which add to the sturdiness and strength of the knife when in use.

The quite hefty blade is made of good quality steel and is leaf shaped and non-serrated for improved cutting functionality. It is paired with a big Spyderco round hole and spine jimping, allowing for a better hold of the handle and comfortable positioning of the thumb when using the knife.


The opening and closing mechanism allows for an ultra-smooth and easy blade deployment. The added steel liners on the handle plus the sturdy liner lock allow for a serious and stable feel when using this knife.

This pocket knife has a four-way pocket clip which allows you to carry the knife in the most comfortable position and direction you want.


It is a great tool to have with you when enjoying time outdoors, when working or when performing errands at home. This is a pocket knife which will endure some serious use, and will serve you well for years. The blade is sharp enough and will remain sharp even after months and years of use.

It is offered at an excellent price for the quality it offers. It has a strong blade, a comfortable handle with an excellent grip, and a nice groove for the thumb for added comfort and stability while in use. Easy to open and close, and compact enough to be carried around, the Tenacious pocket knife is exactly what we look for in a pocket knife – compact, durable, reliable and of course useful.

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Ka-Bar Becker BK2 Campanion Fixed Blade Knife Review

Sturdy blade and high quality built are the key features of the Ka-Bar Becker BK2 Campanion

Size: This survival knife has a 5.5 inch fixed blade and a total length of 10.5 inches.

Blade: The drop-point blade is made of high-quality and ultra-strong 1095 cro-van steel and has a very convenient 20 degree angle. The blade is an impressive thickness of ¼ inches, which makes it extremely sturdy.

Handle and weight:

The handle is made of Grivory which adds to the excellent and safe grip, assuring that you maintain a good grip of the knife even during intensive use. The ergonomic shape of this knife was designed by a famous mountain climber, survivalist and chef Ethan Becker along with the unique, durable and razor sharp blade.
This survival tool is an excellent and efficient knife for wilderness and outdoor activities. It is light and thus easy to carry around with you when you are hiking, camping, hunting, fishing or just taking a walk in the wilderness. You can use it to skin animals, fillet a fish, cut through wood and plastic, as a chisel, and actually it feels and looks like it will cut through absolutely anything. It is definitely a knife you can trust to serve you well while you are in the wilderness.


The sheath which comes with the knife is not that great for this almost-perfect survival knife. It is made of nylon and is not as durable and well-made as we would like it to be. But then again, you can always purchase another higher-quality sheath to keep this excellent knife safely away when not in use.


Overall, our conclusion is that the quality of this survival knife is superb, the blade will cut through just about anything, the handle too is very solid, and is as comfortable as can be. All in all, for this price, this is probably the best survival knife which you can buy at the moment.

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Chefs Choice 120 Professional Electric Sharpener Review

Get this Chefs Choice 120 professional electric knife sharpener and your knives will never be dull again


This knife sharpener has three-stage precision sharpening functionality, and all three processes allow for achieving a razor-sharp, polished and flawless edge on your favorite knife. The first two sharpening and honing stages utilize conical diamond coated discs, and the third one relies on a polishing disk. The end effect is a Trizor-Plus edge, which is suitable for all types of knives, even the expensive chef’s knives and butcher knives, as well as for hunting and sporting and even serrated knives.

The first stage is used for very dull or damaged knives, the second stage is for sharpening and for creating a second bevel, while the third stage creates the third bevel level and provides perfect polishing of the razor sharp edge.

The sharpener features a high-precision angle guide for each of the stages, which allows for sharpening according to the specific knife and its uses, without having to try to figure out the proper angle though trial and error, which could potentially cost you a lot of money.

It works on 125 watts and has a three year household warranty by its manufacturer Chef’s Choice.


A nice feature to this sharpener is the added magnetic pad which will collect all the metal residue from the sharpening process, and thus makes the process less messy.

It is highly recommend that you read and follow the instructions of this electric knife sharpening tool very carefully, so that you don’t cause damage to your knives by excessive or wrong handling. It does take some time to get used the angle in which you should hold your knife and the pulling speed. It depends on the knife itself, so remember to follow the producer’s instructions for sharpening blades like yours.


It is definitely a great knife sharpener, which if used properly will serve you well, and will ensure that all your favorite knives are always razor sharp and ready for use. The three step sharpening and polishing feature ensures that you will end up with a knife with an edge sharper than when you first got it, so you will be able to use your knives safely and for a longer time if you keep them sharp with this nice device.

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SOG Specialty Knives & Tools S66N-CP PowerAssist Multi-Tool Review

The astonishing 18 tools are built into this durable SOG S66N-CP PowerAssist Multi-Tool


The SOG S66N-CP PowerAssist combines an amazing 18 tools in one single portable and beautiful multi-tool. It has some of the best and strongest pliers we have seen on a multi-tool. It opens easily with one hand via a nice opening button and can be used both for hard and heavy work, as well as for even the finest of tasks.
Also, the wire cutters of this device are longer than any of the wire cutters we have seen and tested on other multi-tools, which makes them useful for cutting other things asides from wires as well.
The other tools fitted nicely into this great multi-tool include: two strong blades – straight-edged and serrated, as well as a crimper, a three sided file, a Phillips screwdriver along with a large, medium and small screwdriver, a can opener.


All these well-made and strong tools are fitted into a portable and beautifully made tool, paired with a comfortable wide handle which provides a steady and safe grip when using any of the tools. It is made of highest quality steel and has a satin finish. It is offered along with a suitable nylon sheath which fits the multi-tool perfectly and keeps it safely inside when not in use. Even if you don’t keep it in the sheath, this multi-tool features excellent locks for the blades and the tools, which will keep them safely closed whenever you don’t need them. You can also carry it around via the lanyard hole or the secure clip of the sheath.


The PowerAssist is sturdy, very useful and all tools it includes are efficient and strong, so it is definitely a multi-tool which will serve you well in your everyday tasks at home, at work or outdoors. It comes with the SOG limited lifetime warranty, and you can be sure that if you purchase one of these, you will have all the reliable tools you may need with you at all times.

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Ontario 6145 Military Machete Review

If you want a machete that meets even the high military standards, get Ontario 6145 Military Machete Black


This 18 inch carbon steel blade machete has been used by the US army ever since World War II. The blade is made of 1095 carbon steel and hardened to 50-55 HRC (Rockwell Hardness Scale). It is thick and will endure very heavy and tough use in all kinds of conditions.

It is definitely a recommended option, and we are absolutely sure that it is a great investment and is worth every cent, so do not hesitate to get one for yourself or as a gift.


Together with the handle, the machete is 24 inches long and is possibly the best machete of this type and size offered at the market in the US. Military approved, it will cut through just about anything.

In fact, the entire machete is so robust and strong that it feels like it will last for ages. One of the few cons in regard to this great machete is that the blade edge is not razor sharp when taken out of the box, so it will need some sharpening before you can start using it efficiently.


Unfortunately, this machete is sold without a sheath, so you will need to purchase one in addition in order to be able to carry it easily and safely when in the wilderness.

The handle is large enough and comfortable, but our feeling is that it could have been slightly more textured to ensure an even better and safer grip.


Overall, this US made machete is probably the best machete which we have tested in recent years. Its military grade, the high quality steel and materials it is made of, the strong blade make it absolutely the perfect choice if you want a full size machete which will cut your way through almost anything when outdoors.

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Smith Wesson SWMP4LS Linerlock Knife Review

Pleasinh aestetics and high quality steel blade are two of the most notorious features of the Smith Wesson SWMP4LS Linerlock


This knife has a 3.6 inch blade and a 5 inch aluminum handle, and weighs 7.4 ounces, the overall liner lock length of this knife is 8.60 inches, so it is a mid-sized to large pocket knife. The blade is made of 4034 Stainless steel which will last for years and will endure quite a lot of heavy use.


The opening mechanism features a spring for easy and comfortable use. The safety lock has a thumb knob actuator glass breaker. It is designed and made for easy and safe opening of the knife with only one hand, which is definitely a plus for a pocket knife.

In fact, in some extreme situations, being able to open your knife easily with one hand and a simple snap can in fact be crucial and even save your life, so always pay attention to the opening and closing mechanism of a pocket knife before purchasing one.
The blade closes as easy as it opens and it locks up safely and solidly, so you can carry it around in your pocket without fear of it accidentally opening and hurting you.


The high quality premium steel used, and the great design make this pocket knife a stable and sturdy tool. It is definitely one of the best pocket knives out there, it will last you for years and serve you well in the meantime. It is easy to open and very comfortable to hold and use, so size-wise it is perfect for a pocket knife. It is compact to carry around on your belt or in your pocket and yet is a quite efficient cutting device.
Also, the aesthetics of this knife and the similarity with the firearms from Smith & Wesson makes this knife even more attractive for purchase for yourself or as a gift.
So, overall it is a perfectly sized pocket knife, it opens and closes easily and safely with only the use of one hand, and has a high-quality, sturdy blade and fine comfortable handle, so it features all the important characteristics which a great pocket knife should have.

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Leatherman 830039 New Wave Multi-tool Review

If you need reliable multi tool to assist you whenever you need it, get this Leatherman 830039 New Wave Multi-tool

Leatherman 830039 New Wave Multi-tool


The Wave multi-tool from Leatherman is an amazing combination of 17 tools, including: two types of plyers (needlenose and regular), hard wire and wire cutters, a clip-pointed knife, a serrated knife, scissors, saw, a diamond-coated file for wood and metal, large screwdriver, large bit driver, small bit driver, a bottle and can opener, ruler, wire stripper and lanyard. The tools are larger and stronger than those included in the previous models from the producer.


This handy tool is made of black oxide 420HC stainless steel. Each of the tools without the plyer head locks into place for safe carrying and storing. Still, the multi-tool is made in a way which allows each and every one of the 17 tools to be opened and used with only one hand, which is definitely a plus.

Still, for your safety, it has a reliable locking mechanism, which needs to be pressed toward the handle for unlocking. Unfortunately for left handed people, the one hand opening of the blades is suitable only for right handed people.

The size of the Wave multi-tool is 4 inches closed and 6.3 inches when open. It has a nice heft of about 250 grams for a more stable feel and easier use, and yet is compact enough to fit in a pocket.

It is a high-quality multi-tool which will resist serious twisting unlike the majority of lower-quality multi-tools out there.

It comes with a 25 year warranty like all other Leatherman products, and is sold with leather and nylon sheath for easy and safe carrying of this useful multi-tool wherever you go.


Overall, this multi-tool is very well made, the tools are nice and useful. The one-hand opening is a plus, as well as the safe and easy to use locking system for safe carrying and storing.
It is definitely among the top multi-tools available, and is an excellent accessory to have with you when travelling, camping, working, walking, or performing some household chores at home.

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Ka-Bar 2-1249-9 Kukri Machete Review

This Ka-bar machete is simply awesome for tough outdoor tasks!

Ka-bar kukri machete


This beautiful black knife from Ka-Bar has a kukri blade made of 1085 carbon steel, with a length of 11 and a half inches and a 20 degree edge angle. The blade edge is razor sharp.


The entire length of the kukri knife is 17 inches, which makes it smaller, and in many cases much easier, to carry around, handle and use than most machetes. The overall weight is 1.7 pounds, which gives it a solid feel and improves its efficiency when used for cutting weeds, clearing campsites, or performing any sort of outdoor cutting. The fact that much of the weight of this knife is in the blade’s head, actually makes it much easier and more comfortable for chopping, as it feels like the blade is actually doing most of the work rather than your arm.


It is shorter and more compact than a traditional machete, and yet can be used for the same tasks and in actuality, it does seem more versatile and useful than a machete.


The handle is made of Kraton G and has a hole for a slip rope which will help keep the knife safely in your hand during use.


For added safety, there is an added loop on the bottom of the sheath which comes with this knife which allows for extra-safe strapping to the leg. This is a very useful and comfortable feature. The sheath itself is made from black leather and Cordura military fabric and is quite good too.


It is a great quality and comfortable to use machete which you can use for your gardening and outdoor needs, take with you when camping and fishing, and be able to rely on its strong and sharp blade at all times.

It is one of the best chopping knives we have tested, and its design is beautiful. The blade is powerful and strong, and as a whole, this is one superb kukri machete!

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Benchmade Mini Griptilian Knife Review

If you need handy little knife to fit your pocket, this Benchmade Mini Griptilian Knife is a great choice!


This MiniGriptilian pocket knife is a functional, high-quality and quite useful cutting tool. Designed by Mel Pardue, this it has an amazing axis locking mechanism, which makes the opening and closing of the blade easy and safe, which is exactly we are looking for when searching for the best pocket knife.


Its blade is made of stainless steel with a modified drop-point. The blade is a tad shorter than 3 inches, but its exposed edge is almost entirely usable and sharp.
The handle is made of valox and features stainless steel liners. Its textured surface offers a secure and comfortable grip, when using the knife. This pocket knife has a reversible pocket clip made to fit your preferences and ultimate comfort.


Closed, this pocket knife is just 3.87 inches, and opened it becomes 6.78 inches. It is sturdy and yet small sized.

This pocket knife is lightweight and yet comfortable to use and quite efficient as a knife, which makes it perfect for an everyday tool you can carry around in your pocket.

It is an excellent tool for cutting and opening whenever you are outside on a trip, hiking or biking. It is not as sturdy and tough as a survival knife, but this is not the idea behind the pocket knife. It is actually perfect for everyday use at home and outdoors. Compact, yet effective, the MiniGriptilian will always be with you and serve you well.

Easy to fit in your pocket and light enough not to burden your walking or riding experience, it is a great little knife made of the highest quality materials.


Overall, if you want a good and yet compact pocket knife to carry around virtually everywhere you go and to serve you well for most cutting tasks, this is one folding knife you should definitely consider purchasing. Durable and with a high-quality make, it is definitely worth the money you will spend. It opens and closes easily and safely, and will serve for years.

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Fallkniven A1 Survival Knife Review

Overall this Fallkniven A1 Knife is really good tool and is highly recommended!


Size: As its name suggests, the Fallkniven Survival 6.375inch Kraton A1Z survival knife has a 6 1/3 inch blade. Its total length is 11 inches. It is among the best available mid-sized to large survival knifes at the moment. The satin spear point blade is shaving sharp and the kraton handle is comfortable for safe use of the knife for cutting, slicing, throwing or slashing.

Blade: The fact that the blade is made of laminated stainless steel makes this survival knife perfect for wet and humid conditions, because there is no risk of rusting or of the coating to wear off. The blade is coated and yet is razor sharp. The best part is that it requires little and rare maintenance

It is definitely a recommended tool for those of you who enjoy outdoor activities, such as: hunting, fishing, camping, exploring or hiking.

Handle and weight:

The handle is very safe and offers and excellent grip, which makes it suitable for use in wet conditions or with gloves or sweaty hands as well. In fact, this excellent survival knife is commonly used in the European military, which is another reason to trust that it is worth every cent. Sturdy, comfortable to hold, easy to use and not too heavy to carry around, it is actually a perfect army knife.


The only negative aspect which we can find in regard to this exceptional A1 fixed-blade survival knife is that its sheath is not as durable as the knife itself, but this can easily be resolved by purchasing a heavy-duty sheath to keep the knife safe when carrying it around and when it is not being used.


In conclusion, we have to say that the durable and razor sharp laminated stainless steel blade, combined with a handle offering an excellent grip in any environmental conditions, as well as the relatively light weight of the A1 survival knife, makes it a perfect choice if you are looking for a mid-sized survival knife, which will serve you well at all times and in any conditions. Overall, our verdict is that this is one fine knife you should seriously consider purchasing and owning.

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