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Ontario 6145 Military Machete Review

If you want a machete that meets even the high military standards, get Ontario 6145 Military Machete Black


This 18 inch carbon steel blade machete has been used by the US army ever since World War II. The blade is made of 1095 carbon steel and hardened to 50-55 HRC (Rockwell Hardness Scale). It is thick and will endure very heavy and tough use in all kinds of conditions.

It is definitely a recommended option, and we are absolutely sure that it is a great investment and is worth every cent, so do not hesitate to get one for yourself or as a gift.


Together with the handle, the machete is 24 inches long and is possibly the best machete of this type and size offered at the market in the US. Military approved, it will cut through just about anything.

In fact, the entire machete is so robust and strong that it feels like it will last for ages. One of the few cons in regard to this great machete is that the blade edge is not razor sharp when taken out of the box, so it will need some sharpening before you can start using it efficiently.


Unfortunately, this machete is sold without a sheath, so you will need to purchase one in addition in order to be able to carry it easily and safely when in the wilderness.

The handle is large enough and comfortable, but our feeling is that it could have been slightly more textured to ensure an even better and safer grip.


Overall, this US made machete is probably the best machete which we have tested in recent years. Its military grade, the high quality steel and materials it is made of, the strong blade make it absolutely the perfect choice if you want a full size machete which will cut your way through almost anything when outdoors.

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