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Leatherman Surge vs Wave vs Charge vs Skeletool Multitool

Leatherman Surge vs Wave

Leatherman are the pioneers of multitools, but when it comes to picking one of their products, the choice can become difficult. The question you need to ask yourself is – which tools do you really need, what exactly you will be using this multitool for, and will you be carrying it around in your pocket or rather in a toolbox?

The choice between the Leatherman Surge and Wave multitools is not an easy one.

The Surge is definitely the more popular model of the two, but then the Wave is more affordable than the Surge. Both have 25 year warranties. The Surge has 23 tools, which is 6 more than the Wave, which features 17. The extra tools in the Surge, include: an electrical crimper, an awl with a thread loop and a blade exchanger

The difference in the weight of the two is a crucial factor. If you are looking for a lightweight multitool to carry around in your pocket, the Wave weighs 5.6 ounces and is 4x1x1 inches when closed. The Surge weighs 1 pound and is 4.5x2x1 closed. so, if you are looking for a lighter multitool, the Wave is definitely a better pick. The Surge is a more solid multitool with more tools and added stability.

Leatherman Surge vs Charge

Leatherman Surge has 21 tools and costs less than 100$, and the Charge TTI has 19 tools and costs around 170$

The Charge has a knife made with a powder-made S30V stainless steel which has exceptional corrosion resistance created especially for knives. The S30V blades hold an edge approximately six times longer than the 420 stainless steel of the blade of the knife of the Surge multitool.

The Surge weighs 1 pound and is 4.5 x 2 x 1 when closed while the Charge is only 8.89 oz. and is 4 inches when closed. The blade length of the Surge is 3.1 inches which is bigger than the 2.9 inch blade of the Charge. Another difference is that the Charge has titanium handle scales, which makes the tool lighter and more corrosion resistant.

Leatherman Wave vs Charge

the Leatherman Wave and Charge are similar multitools. Charge comes in 2 versions – the ALX and TTI. The TTI is definitely the most desired multitool due to the titanium handle scales and the S30V main blade. The Charge ALX is the most aggressive multitool, but among the multitool fans, the top rated of the 3 is the Wave. The Wave has 17 tools, the Charge ALX has 18, and the Charge TTI has 19.

The Wave is compact and light, so it can easily be carried around in your pocket, and it can be easily used and opened with one hand. The Wave is the cheapest. The TTI has the best and strongest, anti-corrosive main blade and is titanium, which makes it the most expensive one.

The Charge ALX has handles made of T6 aluminum which is used for aircrafts. It is stronger than the other too multitools with plyers that are the strongest on the market. This one is light because aluminum is lighter than titanium, but it costs less too.

Leatherman Super Tool vs Wave

the Leatherman Wave is the most popular multitool from the Leatherman production line, but the Supertool 300 is an award winning model too. It has the strongest plyers, which can be used in very tight spaces. The Supertool has 19 tools, and the Wave has 17. The weight of the Supertool is 9.6 oz. and it is 4.5 inches long when closed. The main blade is made of 420HC stainless steel and is 3.2 inches long. The Wave also has a 420HC blade which is 4 inches long. The Wave is definitely lighter and smaller. It weighs 8.5 oz. and is 4 inches long when closed. Overall, the Supertool is much more robust, and has very strong plyers and an awl. The Wave has the advantage of having great scissors, and the outside opening of the tools which allows for easy one-handed use.

Leatherman Skeletool vs Wave

The Skeletool is a much smaller multitool produced by Leatherman than the Wave. It has only 7 tools, including: a combo knife with a 2.6 inch blade, needle nose and regular plyers, hard wire cutters, wire cutters, a carabiner and bottle opener, and a large bit driver. This allows it to weigh only 5 oz. The Wave has 17 tools and weighs 8.5 oz. If you need a very simple and light multitool, then the Skeletool is the one for you. It costs less, weighs less, but also offers less functionality.