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Leatherman 830039 New Wave Multi-tool Review

If you need reliable multi tool to assist you whenever you need it, get this Leatherman 830039 New Wave Multi-tool

Leatherman 830039 New Wave Multi-tool


The Wave multi-tool from Leatherman is an amazing combination of 17 tools, including: two types of plyers (needlenose and regular), hard wire and wire cutters, a clip-pointed knife, a serrated knife, scissors, saw, a diamond-coated file for wood and metal, large screwdriver, large bit driver, small bit driver, a bottle and can opener, ruler, wire stripper and lanyard. The tools are larger and stronger than those included in the previous models from the producer.


This handy tool is made of black oxide 420HC stainless steel. Each of the tools without the plyer head locks into place for safe carrying and storing. Still, the multi-tool is made in a way which allows each and every one of the 17 tools to be opened and used with only one hand, which is definitely a plus.

Still, for your safety, it has a reliable locking mechanism, which needs to be pressed toward the handle for unlocking. Unfortunately for left handed people, the one hand opening of the blades is suitable only for right handed people.

The size of the Wave multi-tool is 4 inches closed and 6.3 inches when open. It has a nice heft of about 250 grams for a more stable feel and easier use, and yet is compact enough to fit in a pocket.

It is a high-quality multi-tool which will resist serious twisting unlike the majority of lower-quality multi-tools out there.

It comes with a 25 year warranty like all other Leatherman products, and is sold with leather and nylon sheath for easy and safe carrying of this useful multi-tool wherever you go.


Overall, this multi-tool is very well made, the tools are nice and useful. The one-hand opening is a plus, as well as the safe and easy to use locking system for safe carrying and storing.
It is definitely among the top multi-tools available, and is an excellent accessory to have with you when travelling, camping, working, walking, or performing some household chores at home.

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