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Ka-Bar Becker BK2 Campanion Fixed Blade Knife Review

Sturdy blade and high quality built are the key features of the Ka-Bar Becker BK2 Campanion

Size: This survival knife has a 5.5 inch fixed blade and a total length of 10.5 inches.

Blade: The drop-point blade is made of high-quality and ultra-strong 1095 cro-van steel and has a very convenient 20 degree angle. The blade is an impressive thickness of ¼ inches, which makes it extremely sturdy.

Handle and weight:

The handle is made of Grivory which adds to the excellent and safe grip, assuring that you maintain a good grip of the knife even during intensive use. The ergonomic shape of this knife was designed by a famous mountain climber, survivalist and chef Ethan Becker along with the unique, durable and razor sharp blade.
This survival tool is an excellent and efficient knife for wilderness and outdoor activities. It is light and thus easy to carry around with you when you are hiking, camping, hunting, fishing or just taking a walk in the wilderness. You can use it to skin animals, fillet a fish, cut through wood and plastic, as a chisel, and actually it feels and looks like it will cut through absolutely anything. It is definitely a knife you can trust to serve you well while you are in the wilderness.


The sheath which comes with the knife is not that great for this almost-perfect survival knife. It is made of nylon and is not as durable and well-made as we would like it to be. But then again, you can always purchase another higher-quality sheath to keep this excellent knife safely away when not in use.


Overall, our conclusion is that the quality of this survival knife is superb, the blade will cut through just about anything, the handle too is very solid, and is as comfortable as can be. All in all, for this price, this is probably the best survival knife which you can buy at the moment.

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