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Ka-Bar 2-1249-9 Kukri Machete Review

This Ka-bar machete is simply awesome for tough outdoor tasks!

Ka-bar kukri machete


This beautiful black knife from Ka-Bar has a kukri blade made of 1085 carbon steel, with a length of 11 and a half inches and a 20 degree edge angle. The blade edge is razor sharp.


The entire length of the kukri knife is 17 inches, which makes it smaller, and in many cases much easier, to carry around, handle and use than most machetes. The overall weight is 1.7 pounds, which gives it a solid feel and improves its efficiency when used for cutting weeds, clearing campsites, or performing any sort of outdoor cutting. The fact that much of the weight of this knife is in the blade’s head, actually makes it much easier and more comfortable for chopping, as it feels like the blade is actually doing most of the work rather than your arm.


It is shorter and more compact than a traditional machete, and yet can be used for the same tasks and in actuality, it does seem more versatile and useful than a machete.


The handle is made of Kraton G and has a hole for a slip rope which will help keep the knife safely in your hand during use.


For added safety, there is an added loop on the bottom of the sheath which comes with this knife which allows for extra-safe strapping to the leg. This is a very useful and comfortable feature. The sheath itself is made from black leather and Cordura military fabric and is quite good too.


It is a great quality and comfortable to use machete which you can use for your gardening and outdoor needs, take with you when camping and fishing, and be able to rely on its strong and sharp blade at all times.

It is one of the best chopping knives we have tested, and its design is beautiful. The blade is powerful and strong, and as a whole, this is one superb kukri machete!

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