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Where are leatherman tools made

History and origin

Leatherman Tool Group was established in Portland, Oregon by Mr. Tim Leatherman in 1983 after he built his first pioneering multitool in the 1970’s.

This multitool was invented following some traveling which Tim Leatherman did after graduating from college, and needing to stay in hostels and to drive an old FIAT. He created the multitool after many instances in which he wished that his ordinary pocket knife had plyers included in it.

It is the original pocket sized multitool, which today has many imitations and a lot of other competition, but as the real original thing – it is still strong, comfortable, durable and reliable today, which makes it a top multi-tool for working men and those who tend to use various tools at work or when spending leisure time.

When he returned to Portland, he partnered with his college friend Mr. Steve Berliner to patent the multitool and to create new ones. They founded the company with the general objective to produce high quality products which can serve the consumers properly, and at the same time provide good, stable and properly paid jobs to the local employees.

Now 3 decades later, Leatherman is an established name in the multi-tool and knife industry in the US. The original founder has retired but the 700 employees of Oregon continue on the tradition of offering reliable, high-quality, durable multitools, pockettools, knives, accessories and other products.

Where to buy original leatherman tools?

If you are in the US, you can purchase an original leatherman tool online from the Leatherman online shop, as well as from Amazon, Lowe’s, L.L.Bean, Mec, Scheels and a few other online stores.

You can also purchase your multitools and other tools and knives from brick and mortar stores throughout the US, in stores like: Ace, Sears, True Value, L.L.Bean, Sports Authority, Lowe’s, Walmart and many more. To make sure you are purchasing an original product, you can check the official Leatherman website for all of the authorized stores – online or brick and mortar near you which sell the original Leatherman multi-tools, pockettools, knives and accessories.

For the international availability, check the official website, where there is a list of the representatives of the Oregon based company in various countries worldwide.

Make sure you purchase the original Leatherman tool you want, in order to take advantage of the high quality and the reputation of the Leatherman brand not only in the US but worldwide.