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Gerber 31-002289 Grylls Parang Machete Review

This Ka-bar machete is simply awesome for tough outdoor tasks!

BLADE: The blade is angled and is perfect for clearing brush and hacking through branches and vines. It is made of robust carbon steel and is very easy to sharpen. The length of the blade is 13.5 inches, and the overall length of the machete is 19.5 inches. The machete weighs 19.4oz.

The construction of the machete is full tang, giving it an extra stability and adding to its strength and safety during use.

SIZE: This parang Bear Grylls machete from Gerber is a relatively light-weight and yet a very serious and efficient knife. It comes with a very sharp blade edge, and a well-sized handle covered with rubber texture which allows for a steady and safe grip at all times, even when wearing gloves or with sweaty hands.

This machete is of good quality and is offered at an amazingly good price at the moment of writing.

This parang style machete is great knife for a variety of uses such as hiking, camping, gardening, hunting, fishing or any other outdoor activities which require hacking through branches, weeds, bushes, clearing out green areas or cutting wood.

This machete has been designed, produced and tested by the manufacturer for maximum endurance and reliability, and made especially for the roughest and toughest conditions and use.


The handle is very comfortable and ergonomic, and offers an excellent and secure grip in all kinds of conditions. This is crucial for minimizing the risks of accidental slipping and hurting yourself or others while using it.


It comes with a lanyard cord and a nylon sheathe for extra safe use and secure carrying. Plus, the package includes a pocket guide for priorities of survival essentials from Bear Grylls and instructions for land to air rescue and SOS.


Overall, this tool is perfect for the jungle or for the wilderness. It is a strong and tough machete, which offers a secure and comfortable grip, and will easily cut a path for you even through the deepest bushes and vines. At a great price and with a handy sheath, this machete is definitely worth the money!

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