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Gerber 22-41545 Black Diesel Multi-Plier Multi-tool Review

12 tools in a versatile multi-tool that is always at hand, it’s Gerber 22-41545 Black Diesel


The Gerber 22-01545 Diesel Black Needlenose Multi-Plier is a robust, high-quality and very useful multi-tool, which can help you fix just about any problem when you are on the road, working, camping, or actually anywhere indoors or outside.

This is a reliable and strong multi-tool, which will serve you well at all times.

It has a solid, partially serrated blade, a wire cutter, can and bottle opener, a file, scissors, a saw, cross point screwdriver, small, medium and large screwdrivers and of course very strong and efficient pliers as well as needle nose pliers for tighter spots. The pliers can easily open and be used with one hand only, which is what most people in search of the best multi-tool are looking for. In fact, it opens with a flick of the wrist, which makes it an extremely useful tool to have when out in the wilderness or performing chores at home or at your workplace.

The knife is sharp and strong, the saw is solid enough to saw wood or thick plastic, and the scissors are extremely useful as they are big, sharp and very efficient.

In fact, all the 12 tools included in this versatile multi-tool from Gerber can be put into use on a daily basis.


This multitool made by Gerber is strong and sturdy and yet all its tools fold up conveniently and safely, so you can carry it around everywhere with you. The included tools open with a snap and are easy and safe to use.

Even though it is a solid and robust, it weighs only 8.6 ounces and is 44.92 inches long when closed and 6.61 inches when open. This means that you can easily carry it with you – on your belt, in your backpack or keep it in your car, if you go on a lot of road trips and travels.


The design is beautiful. It is made of high-quality stainless steel with a non-reflective black finish. Overall, it looks and feels very high-end and well made. For your safety, it features a patented locking system for easy and safe locking in of the tools, and the effortless wrist flick deployment which we mentioned above.

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