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Fallkniven A1 Survival Knife Review

Overall this Fallkniven A1 Knife is really good tool and is highly recommended!


Size: As its name suggests, the Fallkniven Survival 6.375inch Kraton A1Z survival knife has a 6 1/3 inch blade. Its total length is 11 inches. It is among the best available mid-sized to large survival knifes at the moment. The satin spear point blade is shaving sharp and the kraton handle is comfortable for safe use of the knife for cutting, slicing, throwing or slashing.

Blade: The fact that the blade is made of laminated stainless steel makes this survival knife perfect for wet and humid conditions, because there is no risk of rusting or of the coating to wear off. The blade is coated and yet is razor sharp. The best part is that it requires little and rare maintenance

It is definitely a recommended tool for those of you who enjoy outdoor activities, such as: hunting, fishing, camping, exploring or hiking.

Handle and weight:

The handle is very safe and offers and excellent grip, which makes it suitable for use in wet conditions or with gloves or sweaty hands as well. In fact, this excellent survival knife is commonly used in the European military, which is another reason to trust that it is worth every cent. Sturdy, comfortable to hold, easy to use and not too heavy to carry around, it is actually a perfect army knife.


The only negative aspect which we can find in regard to this exceptional A1 fixed-blade survival knife is that its sheath is not as durable as the knife itself, but this can easily be resolved by purchasing a heavy-duty sheath to keep the knife safe when carrying it around and when it is not being used.


In conclusion, we have to say that the durable and razor sharp laminated stainless steel blade, combined with a handle offering an excellent grip in any environmental conditions, as well as the relatively light weight of the A1 survival knife, makes it a perfect choice if you are looking for a mid-sized survival knife, which will serve you well at all times and in any conditions. Overall, our verdict is that this is one fine knife you should seriously consider purchasing and owning.

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