Esee 6 review

Finding a great survivalist knife can actually make the difference between life and death, if you are faced with a dangerous situation in the wild. This is why we have picked the Esee 6 knife as one excellent survivalist knife.

The Esee 6 is among the leaders in this class of survivalist knives. This knife comes in two variations – one with a plain edge and the other one with a serrated edge. The serrated one is great for cutting meat, but we will be taking a closer look at the plain edged version of this wonderful knife.


It has a cutting edge of 5.75 inches and an overall blade length of 6.5 inches. The length of the knife is 11.75 inches. The thickness is 1.56 inches. This classic high carbon 1095 steel knife does meet military standards. It is one of the top quality knives for hard use from the lower to mid-price range at the moment. It weighs 12 ounces.

Made by Randall’s Adventure and Training, the Esee 6 meets the state and federal law enforcement standards, and like all the other products by this company comes with a lifetime warranty.

The edge of this great knife is razor sharp and has a full flat grind as well as a drop point which makes it great for general safety and piercing objects. The blade is black which makes it look cool.

The Esee 6 is a full tang survivalist knife, which has a protruding metal end useful for hammering.

The handle is from easily removable linen Micarta, which gives an excellent grip even in rainy and wet conditions. It can be replaced with another styled handle.

The sheath is made from brown polymer and features a comfortable and reliable belt clip. The sheath has a drainage port as well as holes for cord storage. The mechanism for keeping the friction by the handle of the knife ensures that the knife stays safely inside and doesn’t accidentally slip out.

The Esee 6 comes with a belt clip, a paracord, mountain hardware and a cord lock.

Overall, this is a reliable and durable knife which has been designed for military use, so it is no wonder that it is very suitable for survival and for self-defense.

The stable grip of the handle will allow you to safely be able to use it at all times, even in wet or critical situations, this knife won’t slip. It is made for all kind of had use, because of the high quality 1095 carbon steel it is made of and the full tang structure. The razor sharp blade is also excellent.

The Esee 6 is made in America and is field tested for reliability. Like all of its knives and products, ESEE field tests the prototypes for all new knives, as well as the first actual produced knives. The first knives are used in Amazon jungle survival classes in order to test them right on the field. Then they are given to various users worldwide for additional testing and feedback before being released to the market. So in the end after all the testing, feedback and possible corrections, ESEE makes sure that the knife is “designed” by the users themselves and can serve its main purpose – to be an excellent and reliable survivalist knife. The same goes for the ESEE 6 knife.

The ESEE 6 is available online at a great price for the quality offered. It comes with a lifetime guarantee, so it is quite a good investment because even if it gets damaged, you will receive a free repair, so it can actually last you a lifetime and more.

We highly recommend this particular knife as a suitable survivalist knife, which will serve you well in critical situations, and can actually save you when you are out in the wild facing a dangerous animal or other dangers