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Choice Pronto Santoku Manual Sharpener Review

When looking for a top manual knife sharpener for Japanese knives, look for Choice Pronto Santoku Manual Sharpener


Created for fast and efficient sharpening of santoku and other Asian style knives with double bevels, this is the fastest manual knife sharpener, according to its producers. When we tried it out, it looks as though they are right. It is very fast, and can quickly sharpen a 15-degree edge in the style of Asian knives.

This manual sharpener has two stages, the first one is for quick and efficient sharpening of the blade and the other one for perfect honing and polishing. Both stages use diamond abrasives, which allows for the extremely fast and efficient sharpening resulting in razor sharp polished edges.

The wheels are very efficient for sharpening and polishing and yet are not so harsh on the blade, so it suitable for even the most expensive chef’s Asian style knives and will save the time and effort which many chef’s put into sending their knives back to the producer for sharpening every once in a while.


This nice tool is very easy and safe to use whether or not you are a experienced or not. Well made, it will last long and will sharpen and polish your blades for many years. Best of all, if you follow the instructions of the manufacturer closely and use this sharpener properly, it will rejuvenate your expensive Japanese knives without damaging them, scratching them or otherwise harming them.


This is definitely among the top manual knife sharpeners for Japanese knives. The good news is that the producer has an analogue product for German (European) knives as well, so if you are the proud owner of both types of knives, you can get a high-quality, fast and easy to use sharpener for both types of your favorite knives.

Overall, this is a great quality sharpening tool, with easy and fast performance and amazing end results, this manual sharpening tool for Asian style knives is definitely worth every cent.

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