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Chefs Choice 120 Professional Electric Sharpener Review

Get this Chefs Choice 120 professional electric knife sharpener and your knives will never be dull again


This knife sharpener has three-stage precision sharpening functionality, and all three processes allow for achieving a razor-sharp, polished and flawless edge on your favorite knife. The first two sharpening and honing stages utilize conical diamond coated discs, and the third one relies on a polishing disk. The end effect is a Trizor-Plus edge, which is suitable for all types of knives, even the expensive chef’s knives and butcher knives, as well as for hunting and sporting and even serrated knives.

The first stage is used for very dull or damaged knives, the second stage is for sharpening and for creating a second bevel, while the third stage creates the third bevel level and provides perfect polishing of the razor sharp edge.

The sharpener features a high-precision angle guide for each of the stages, which allows for sharpening according to the specific knife and its uses, without having to try to figure out the proper angle though trial and error, which could potentially cost you a lot of money.

It works on 125 watts and has a three year household warranty by its manufacturer Chef’s Choice.


A nice feature to this sharpener is the added magnetic pad which will collect all the metal residue from the sharpening process, and thus makes the process less messy.

It is highly recommend that you read and follow the instructions of this electric knife sharpening tool very carefully, so that you don’t cause damage to your knives by excessive or wrong handling. It does take some time to get used the angle in which you should hold your knife and the pulling speed. It depends on the knife itself, so remember to follow the producer’s instructions for sharpening blades like yours.


It is definitely a great knife sharpener, which if used properly will serve you well, and will ensure that all your favorite knives are always razor sharp and ready for use. The three step sharpening and polishing feature ensures that you will end up with a knife with an edge sharper than when you first got it, so you will be able to use your knives safely and for a longer time if you keep them sharp with this nice device.

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