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Benchmade Mini Griptilian Knife Review

If you need handy little knife to fit your pocket, thisĀ Benchmade Mini Griptilian Knife is a great choice!


This MiniGriptilian pocket knife is a functional, high-quality and quite useful cutting tool. Designed by Mel Pardue, this it has an amazing axis locking mechanism, which makes the opening and closing of the blade easy and safe, which is exactly we are looking for when searching for the best pocket knife.


Its blade is made of stainless steel with a modified drop-point. The blade is a tad shorter than 3 inches, but its exposed edge is almost entirely usable and sharp.
The handle is made of valox and features stainless steel liners. Its textured surface offers a secure and comfortable grip, when using the knife. This pocket knife has a reversible pocket clip made to fit your preferences and ultimate comfort.


Closed, this pocket knife is just 3.87 inches, and opened it becomes 6.78 inches. It is sturdy and yet small sized.

This pocket knife is lightweight and yet comfortable to use and quite efficient as a knife, which makes it perfect for an everyday tool you can carry around in your pocket.

It is an excellent tool for cutting and opening whenever you are outside on a trip, hiking or biking. It is not as sturdy and tough as a survival knife, but this is not the idea behind the pocket knife. It is actually perfect for everyday use at home and outdoors. Compact, yet effective, the MiniGriptilian will always be with you and serve you well.

Easy to fit in your pocket and light enough not to burden your walking or riding experience, it is a great little knife made of the highest quality materials.


Overall, if you want a good and yet compact pocket knife to carry around virtually everywhere you go and to serve you well for most cutting tasks, this is one foldingĀ knife you should definitely consider purchasing. Durable and with a high-quality make, it is definitely worth the money you will spend. It opens and closes easily and safely, and will serve for years.

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